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Hefei is the capital and largest city of Anhui Province. The city is known for its greenery and the Fei River which passes through the city. The combination of these two natural features makes visitors feel as if they’re in a park even though they’re simply walking through the city.

Hefei has beautiful natural scenery and many ancient sites. With a humid subtropical climate, Hefei has distinctive four seasons. The best seasons for visiting are the spring and autumn. In the spring, the Apricot Park is filled with flowers and butterflies, making it a good place for visitors to come to and take photos. In the autumn, Mount Zipeng and Dashushan Forest Park, located within the outskirts of the city are good places to visit. Tourists can also wander in the ancient town of Sanhe or take a boat on Chaohu Lake.

Hotels in Hefei are well equipped. During the peak period, tourists are suggested to book hotels in advance.

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Hotels in Hefei Reviews

Huaihe Road/Yintai Center/LiHongZhang
4.7/59624 avaliações
DeR$ 296,00
Railway Station Area
4.7/53162 avaliações
DeR$ 342,00
Government Culture District (Mixc/Olympic Center)
4.9/51287 avaliações
DeR$ 544,00
Hefei Pearl Plaza
4.9/54465 avaliações
DeR$ 253,00
University Town/Development Zone/Ocean World
4.8/52985 avaliações
DeR$ 207,00
Peace Plaza/Baohe Wanda/Xiaoyao Jin
4.7/53950 avaliações
DeR$ 271,00