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Yuncheng Shangjia Apartment
5/512 avaliações
Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport
The proprietress is enthusiastic, clean and tidy, convenient parking, cost-effective, come back next time.
Harbour Impression Chain Hotel (Yuncheng Konggang)
3.9/541 avaliações
Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport
In order to stay for the exam, the location of the hotel seems to be a bit biased, but it is about 2 kilometers away from my examination room. I can walk for 20 minutes. After all, I have had the experience of walking 40 minutes to the exam. The decoration and layout of the hotel are different from the room. The facilities in the room are old, but they are basically still available. It is not comfortable, but there is. TV - There are 10, although I don't watch it either. The air conditioner location is very biased, and there is no remote control. After setting 28 ℃ from the wall, the temperature is 30 ℃ all night, slightly hot. I thought it was a display error. After adjusting it to 26 ℃, it took a long time to 30 ℃. I don't know if it was an air conditioner failure or the work was set to save electricity. The bed is relatively clean and odorless. The bathroom is also ok, but the faucet is covered with pulp, it seems that it can't be wiped off; the shower head is also a bit dirty and a bit cracked, but it does not affect the use. I live alone and are within my personal acceptance. The bigger problem is the toilet lid. It was found that it was dropped as soon as it was opened. The contact point plastic was aging, and there were obvious traces of repair splicing. Simply have the staff to see, and pay great enthusiasm to help solve. Similar to the toilet problem, you can barely use your room, or go to the public restroom at the end of the corridor on the third floor. I lived for a day and only used it once. The overall is not very happy, but the use experience is not very big. The staff is very good, there are mosquitoes, people immediately give electric mosquito coils; there is a problem with the use of people to help deal with it in a timely manner, or very caring. Overall, the equipment is older and the comfort experience may be reduced, but the basic sleeping and bathing experience is still generally decent.
4.4/537 avaliações
Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport
Gangnan Apartment Hotel
2/515 avaliações
Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport
The room is good. Clean and hygienic
Yuncheng Shenzhen Airlines International Hotel
4.8/5253 avaliações
Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport
The hotel is close to the airport and the environment is beautiful. The plane can be seen taking off in the room. The room is clean and tidy, The service staff was polite, warm and generous, and took the initiative to help upgrade the room. The equipment is complete and the children's toiletries are delivered quickly. It is worth mentioning that the bottom of the disposable slippers is very thick and the quality is good. Standard swimming pool, the water temperature is right, it will not feel cold, and it will not feel hot when swimming. Will stay next time I pass by!

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Quantidade de hotéis2046
Quantidade de avaliações53986
Menor preçoR$ 26
Maior preçoR$ 540
Preço médio (dias de semana à noite)R$ 119
Preço médio (fins de semana à noite)R$ 121