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5 star

3.6/5102 avaliações
North Pattaya Pattaya|1.18km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)
The swimming pool is relatively small, the sound insulation is poor, the only good thing is the convenient location! There are many restaurants around, and there are shopping malls nearby for shopping! You can go to Chinatown food street stalls for a massage!
4.5/576 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|1.21km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 5 h

The stay at Mytt was relaxing and pleasant. The junior suite room was spacious, freshly decorated and super comfy. It was less than ten minutes walk to the beach. The breakfast was nice with many choices. The Mytt staff were friendly, helpful and polite. The pool view was fantastic. Will be back the next time.
4.4/586 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|0.88km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 4 h

The sound insulation of the room is very poor, and the fourth floor must not be lived. I complained to Ctrip. They intentionally asked the hotel to arrange the room next to the elevator. hateful
4.6/5348 avaliações
North Pattaya Pattaya|0.66km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 2 h

Breakfast food is rich and delicious! The room is clean and quiet! The appearance of the room is beautiful! Pools many facilities! Will come to this hotel again next time!
4.4/568 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|1.01km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 5 h

The service staff is very good, everyone can say that. Will definitely go back to use the service again. one night too little want to stay again Has upgraded the room to a king side ocean view, the room is good, secretly shocked at the bathroom, no lock, has a sink, sleeps very chill
4.3/5237 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|0.91km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 11 h

Excellent service by bell boys, check-in staff, breakfast area staff and all. All are very attentive. Very efficient service with spotlessly clean every area of hotels. Rooms are very spacious and clean. We have free upgrade to Club Room with 2 queen beds although we booked for double deluxe twin. Thanks for the whole hotel management team. Keep it up!
4.7/595 avaliações
Naklua Pattaya|0.39km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 36 min

. Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya โรงแรม | อวกาศ | พัทยา ✨🛸🚀🪐🌟💫☄️ โรงแรมธีมอวกาศที่กำลังมาแรงที่สุด แกรนด์ เซนเตอร์ พอยต์ สเปซ พัทยา เป็นโรงแรมที่ประทับใจมากกกก ทางเดินเข้าห้องให้ฟิวแบบอวกาศ . ปาล์มจองห้องแบบspace premium ห้องนอนวิวสวย เตียงนิ่มสบาย มีแสงเหนือให้ดูด้วย มีอ่านน้ำ มีตู้กดน้ำแข็งฟรี . อาหารเช้าให้เลือกทานเยอะมาก มีกิจกรรมเยอะมากกก กอไก่ล้านตัว วันเดียวไม่พอจริงๆถ้าจะเล่นให้ครบ | ° Space Water Park 4 zone ° - Planet Zone - Mountain zone - Flying Rock Zone - Space Pirate Beach . °Astro club° - kids zone - games zone . °gravity fit club° . °sky pool ° | °สนใจสอบถามเพิ่มเติม ° FB : Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya _______________________ °FOLLOW ME ° FB: ปาล์ม ไป เปรี้ยว IG : PALMPAIPREAW | #คาเฟ่พัทยา #pattaya #GrandeCentrePointSpacePattaya #pattayacity #pattayathailand #ปาล์มไปเปรี้ยว #palmpaipreaw
3.9/56 avaliações
North Pattaya Pattaya|0.84km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 2 h

Relatively partial position The tour group has many Chinese worlds. On the first day of the stay, the air conditioner is not cooled. It is very quick to repair. The hotel car is very expensive to go to the pedestrian street. 400 baht. Normally more than 200 (looks like being pitted). Others are very good. The towel is estimated to have won for a long time. It is a bit black and five stars are not worthy.
4.3/544 avaliações
Naklua Pattaya|0.85km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 3 h

The service of the hotel staff is good, the boys in the lobby are very good in English, the explanation is very clear, and they will say hello when passing by. Although the room does not face the sea, the scenery is not bad. The facilities inside are very good. I like to have a big bottle of cream for it, because the next day I get sunburned and need to apply a lot to relieve pain. Remember to bring your own slippers, the slippers in the hotel are second-hand. The hotel has a good check-in location. You must go to the swimming pool and the beach outside the hotel to take pictures, but you can only check in and not play on the beach. There are many styles for breakfast, which is good. If you have the opportunity to come to Pattaya, you can stay here again.
4.5/534 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|2.23km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 2 h

I just want to thank all of the team at Blackwoods Hotel. As soon as we arrived, we actually felt at home. The staff were friendly and nothing too much trouble. The room was perfect - you can see the pictures - they are accurate. Breakfast was delicious (when I made it). The cleaner on floor 7 always working with a smile on her face. Pool and gym facilities too. Location central too. I would return to this hotel.

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Business travel

3.8/536 avaliações
North Pattaya Pattaya|0.83km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 11 h

Decent hotel with decently sized rooms. Cleanliness is good, very comfortable bed, room is quiet - good quality sleep. Very good water pressure. Good WiFi. I dont' like the ''Dont' do ...!'' signs everywhere. Especially the one about toilet paper. Throwing used toilet paper into an open bin next to toilet is something SO disgusting! And you want to charge me 3000,- THB if I dont do it? Do your job and install proper pipes in your sewage system, like in any other civilized country. Breakfast is good, fresh coffee. Staff actually cleaning tables and being helpful.

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4.5/51 avaliações
North Pattaya Pattaya|1.02km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)
Excellent location, clean, tidy and comfortable
4.5/5298 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|1.1km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 26 min

Good location, easily access to shopping malls and beach road, sourounding by small bars and massage shops. Breakfast buffet until 10:30am every morning, restaurant staffs are very friendly and helpful. Room size is fine, swimming pool is on the rooftop with good sea view.
4.3/5274 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|1.2km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 2 h

Nice tidy and clean room Water pressure is good All room have window too Room is small but good enough for decent stay Very calm and peaceful room Will visit here again
4.1/551 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|0.97km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)
The breakfast is not many styles, but it is enough, the price is okay, 200 plants, half price for children, the entrance is all places to eat, there are more supermarkets, all kinds of convenience, the price of the hotel is quite satisfactory, the house is a bit trendy , The 9th floor swimming pool is relatively clean. When we went there were not many people, the swimming pool was not very large, but it was safe to play with children. It was within the protection range at a glance, and the overall feeling was good. It is a good place for playing and not paying attention to the hotel. s Choice!
3.6/5108 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|1.19km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 8 h

nice location close to many facilities very clean rooms and very friendly and helpfull staff ,lovely pool on the roof
4.3/565 avaliações
Central Pattaya Pattaya|1.4km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 43 min

Fon, bad service, check in at 2 am because we booked after returning from the hotel. Not very satisfied The bathroom smells very strong.
4.2/540 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|1.01km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 50 min

The location is convenient, there are still a few blocks from the bar, so it is quiet enough. The swimming pool is on the top floor, the water is clean, but the surrounding facilities such as the floor are a bit rotten, there should be not many people who use it, and it is in need of maintenance. The hotel room has enough light strips, and a little odor is not serious. At the price of more than 200 Hong Kong paper, it is very valuable. will come again.
4.3/547 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|1.05km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 5 h

Ctrip booked for check-in. The front desk clerk looked for twenty minutes and couldn't find the reservation information. I almost wanted to call Ctrip to deal with it and suddenly found it. There was still a little surprise when I entered the room. It was clean and tidy and newly renovated, but there was a smell in the house. Later I discovered that the air conditioner filter was dirty. The small infinity pool on the 8th floor is great. There are not many people who can take pictures or anything. Not far away is the hotel siam @ siam 巴蒂雅 店. For the 300 yuan booked two months in advance, you can try to live.
3.9/5101 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|1.11km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)
I have always stayed in famous hotels, and I was a little uneasy before staying here for the first time. However, I am personally very satisfied. Originally, I didn't order breakfast, so I gave breakfast coupons. It seems that there is no extra charge for breakfast. The taste is homely and not bad. We have five children with two double beds. No extra bed is charged. There is a swimming pool. Very close to the sea. Easy to travel. The personal experience is very good. The parking lot is small.
4.3/5139 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road Pattaya|0.95km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Última reserva feita há 43 min

This time I stayed at ibis Pattya. The location is very convenient. It takes 10 minutes to go to the beach. There is already a 7-11 on the side and there are boots. There is already a central marina shopping mall before the next trip. It's good to eat authentic Thai food with a low blow. Walk on walking street before going further. Walk in the other direction for 10 minutes and you will arrive at the terminal 21 shopping mall. There is an fd court at the entrance, which has everything. The room is simple, comfortable and flat. Value for money is really good.

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Family friendly

4.1/575 avaliações
Central Pattaya Pattaya|3.07km de Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)
Renovated generous environment comfortable

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Reviews of Hotels in Pattaya

4.5/57 avaliações
Central Pattaya
Good rooms, good prices, good service, quality, clean rooms, have a chance to go back to stay again.
4/551 avaliações
Accommodation at Garden Sea View Resort Accommodation by the sea with a very large swimming pool There is a private beach to swim in the sea. Or come to play in the pool is good. After playing in the water, I'm hungry. There is also a cafe chill restaurant Watch the romantic sunset The room may look a bit old, but I really like it. That is, there is a tub to soak in. The water tap here is strong. There is hot water too. I really like the type of water soaking like ours. But the TV part is a bit old. It's still a jew-tung style. It's a classic. Room amenities It is like any other hotel. I can't go wow If it's wow for us, it's 1. There is a beach 2. There is a swimming pool. 3. There is a buffet breakfast with a beautiful sea view. 4. have a bathtub 5. I slept very well.
4.1/527 avaliações
Almost all the equipment in the room is old. Booked a superior room. The air conditioner has a loud noise problem. But the hotel is cute Change the room to a new suite, but the equipment has a lot of damage. Overall considered okay enough. Breakfast is ok but few options, location is easy to find, staff is very good service customers are not busy near seven It's not hard to find something to eat. If updating equipment in a new room, air conditioner, TV system, new bathroom will be very good.
4.5/5298 avaliações
Pattaya Beach Road
Good location, easily access to shopping malls and beach road, sourounding by small bars and massage shops. Breakfast buffet until 10:30am every morning, restaurant staffs are very friendly and helpful. Room size is fine, swimming pool is on the rooftop with good sea view.
4.6/538 avaliações
Stayed here because of my friend being a Marriott member and benefits. However the benefits were pretty much nothing no upgrade etc. So don't stay here for being a member. The location is not perfect, but doable if the price is there and it's not. Its around 90 Euro's and that's way to expensive for what it is. My guess is that the whole hotel is filled with Marriott members coming to Pattaya for the first time. (Also big Indian party when we stayed there, a lot of Indian guests) Almost every other hotel is a better option and more bang for your money. Also if you come here to relax, the pool/area is disappointing to be honest and you expect this at a 3star cheap hotel. Also it's not at the beach, you have to walk a little and it's not nice when you get there. There is nothing bad to say about this hotel, but also nothing really good. If you want to spend 90 euro's a night, do it somewhere else and enjoy there at maybe a nicer area and pool.
4.5/556 avaliações
The hotel is pretty good, but there are a lot of Indian tourists, and it is a bit noisy. It may have cooperated with the travel agency. At least seven or eight tour buses are parked in the parking lot at night, and they will leave at about 8:00 in the morning. The room is very good, with a lot of space, but there is nothing nearby For breakfast, the nearest 7-11 sells fruit mangosteen and durian. Don’t buy it. It’s not very honest. Then the nearby massage parlors close early, and the ones that open very late are poorly pressed. I will come again next time because of the location. Would not consider living here, but the room is really nice

Guia de hotéis Boots(Pattaya Naklua Soi 29/1)

Pattaya is famous for its sunshine, beaches, and seafood. With a population of 100,000, the city receives more than 1 million tourists each year and more than 90% of the city’s population is involved in tourism-related work. The 15 km coastline is full of clear water and gentle waves and visitors from all over the world come here to tan and lay out by the beaches. Water sports such as water skiing and diving are also popular. In the evening, colorful fireworks illuminate the city’s night sky and the bright neon lights of the dance halls and nightclubs can be seen throughout the streets. Within the city, smaller bars can be found everywhere and are a great place to dance and listen to music.

Pattaya is located on the eastern coast of Thailand. Originally an obscure small fishing village on the edge of the Gulf of Siam, it was transformed into a seaside resort town about 30 years ago. As early as the 13th century, Pattaya was a place for holiday for Thai soldiers who used to fight Burmese invaders. Much later in the 1950s, Pattaya was built up as a naval base and resort for the United States during the Vietnam War. After the withdrawal of the US troops, it gradually developed into a holiday resort. After the 1970s, the amount of hotels, shops, entertainment centers and other facilities in Pattaya began to increase. After years of development, tourism has now become the most important part of industry, and it is now one of the world’s most well-known vacation cities. Tourists who purchase goods in Thailand can refund 7% VAT upon departure. Tax refund slips in major department stores are available – remember to bring your passport to the store with you. To refund the tax, you must purchase more than 2,000 baht in the same department store on the same day and the total amount of the purchase must be more than 5,000 baht. The best time to visit Pattaya is from November to February when the weather is relatively dry. During this time, the average temperature ranges from 15 to 18 °C, and beautiful flowers bloom. Tourists visit Pattaya year round, but the rainy season (June-October) is considered to be off season. In April, there is a large amount of tourists due to the Songkran Water Festival and hotels in Pattaya are known to fill up quickly.

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