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Las Vegas is the largest city in the state of Nevada and also a city that is quite well-known on an international level. Visitors to Las Vegas have many options. Not only can they enjoy the services of luxury resort hotels, but they can also go and see world-class performances and sample a wide variety of international cuisine. Due to Las Vegas’s unique location, it’s possible to take a helicopter and fly over the vastness of the Grand Canyon while marveling at the amazing scenery.

Due to the hot weather during the day, there are few pedestrians on the streets of Las Vegas. At night, however, the entire city seems to come alive. The streets are bathed in neon lights and tourists from all over the world can be seen throughout every corner of the streets. Las Vegas is a city that’s world-famous for its entertainment. The roller coasters in the New York-New York Hotel and Casino and the adventure park at the Circus Circus Hotel and Resort are both worth a visit. In addition, there are a variety of wonderful song and dance performances in some large hotels in Las Vegas every night which are all sure to impress. After experiencing Las Vegas nightlife, visitors can take the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. It’s quite convenient to drive from the city to the large national parks southwest of the city and there’s also a direct bus to Los Angeles.

Las Vegas is located on the edge of the desert in Nevada, which means that the climate is dry and hot. Because of the lack of rain, the air in Las Vegas is relatively dry. For this reason, it’s a good idea to try for visitors to try and keep their skin moisturized while also drinking plenty of water. The best seasons for visiting Las Vegas are the spring and fall. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in summer and winter, it’s best to consider carefully when planning to visit during these seasons.

Every hotel in the Las Vegas downtown area can be considered a sightseeing spot that combines entertainment, leisure, food, shopping and accommodation. Due to changes in demand, prices for Las Vegas hotels on weekends are relatively expensive than that on weekdays. Accommodations on Fremont Street are cheaper than hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, but their facilities are relatively old. Due to its convenient downtown location, it’s an area that budget travelers could consider.

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Las Vegas Strip
4.6/551 avaliações
DeR$ 364
Las Vegas Strip
4.6/51183 avaliações
DeR$ 671
Las Vegas Strip
4.1/5291 avaliações
DeR$ 170
Las Vegas Strip
4.3/5140 avaliações
DeR$ 418
Las Vegas Strip
4/5208 avaliações
DeR$ 186
Las Vegas Strip
4.2/5148 avaliações
DeR$ 237