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  • Quais são as recomendações de viagem para Wuhan durante a pandemia da COVID19?

    Restrições de entrada e alterações e cancelamentos de horários de voos são freqüentemente atualizados e sujeitos a alterações. Se você planeja viajar para Wuhan, obtenha as informações mais atualizadas da companhia aérea com a qual você planeja fazer a reserva. Você também pode consultar COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions para mais informações.
  • Quais companhias aéreas oferecem alterações de datas, sem custo, para voos para esta cidade durante a pandemia da COVID19?

    Não há companhias aéreas com voos para esta cidade que forneçam este serviço. Utilize estas informações apenas como referência e confirme com a companhia aérea antes de fazer a reserva.
  • Qual é a duração do voo até Wuhan?

    • Aprox. 2 horas para voar de Xangai a Wuhan.
  • Como posso reservar passagens mais baratas?

    Você pode reservar voos mais baratos das seguintes maneiras:
    • Procure por bilhetes para uma cidade ou aeroporto próximos a Wuhan.
    • Localize diferentes companhias aéreas que tenham voos para Wuhan.
    • Procure datas de partida diferentes no mesmo mês.
    • Filtre por diferentes horários de partida no mesmo dia.
    • Verifique informações sobre descontos em vários sites de mídia social.
    • Explore ofertas e descontos em sites de companhias aéreas.
  • Qual é o mês mais popular para visitar Wuhan?

    Compreender as estações de viagem de alta e baixa temporada a Wuhan pode ajudá-lo a organizar seus planos de viagem de acordo. O mês mais popular para visitar Wuhan é Abril. O preço médio das passagens aéreas para Wuhan em Abril é de R$ 4.202.
  • Quando as passagens aéreas para Wuhan são mais baratas?

    As passagens aéreas para Wuhan são as mais baratas em Abril comparadas a outros meses, o preço médio é de R$ 4.202.
  • What are some popular attractions in Wuhan?

    Wuhan has many attractions to offer: (1km from downtown) Wuchang Hongxiang Tourism Wharf (4km from downtown) (3km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.
  • What are some popular hotels in Wuhan?

Flights to Wuhan Tienhe (WUH)

Wuhan is the capital city of China which is located in the Hubei province. Many ancient relics and historical landmarks tracing back to the times of the Qing Dynasty are found within the city. Tourists who travel to Wuhan for the first time marvel at the city's arts and crafts scene, with the center of it all being the Yellow Crane Tower. Springtime is the ideal season for sightseeing as cherry and peach blossoms scent the air. Impressive flower gardens and fields of meadows are sprawling throughout the temple grounds and the Wuhan University is another important landmark here.

For a picturesque getaway, the East Lake in the Wuchang district offers solitude and peaceful moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Chinese celebrate nightlife with karaoke and many rounds of beer past the midnight hours. Tourists enjoy the bar scene and indulge in eloquent wineries in the city during their travels to Wuhan.

Tip: Be sure to explore the waterways of the Yangtze River by getting on a scenic boat ride during your visit.

About Wuhan Tienhe International Airport (WUH)          

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (WUH) is located in the capital of the Hubei province at the suburban Huangpi District. It is about 26 km away from the Wuhan city center to the north and the region services many direct flights to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. Cheap flights to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport are available although the airport is considered to be the busiest in Central China. Terminal 3 caters to domestic and international flights and has a departure along with many restaurants and duty-free shops. Buses run from the airport to the city center and the Wuhan–Xiaogan Intercity Railway also serves the airport. Some of the major flight carriers providing flights to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport from other countries are Shenzhen Airlines, Thai Lion Air, Air France, and JC International Airlines.

Tip: Hire a local guide to take you around the city and avoid taxi drivers who don't ride by the meter. 

Where To Stay and Eat-In Wuhan

Tourists prefer staying at the luxury hotels at the Wuchang District in Wuhan. Rooftop views, free internet, flat-screen TVs, and minibars are few of the many amenities offered by these hotels. For those who are traveling on a budget, guesthouses are available. The hotels close to the Yellow Crane Tower and Yangtze River are also reasonably priced and a viable option for backpackers. For those who prefer access to shopping malls, retail brands and the city's historic landmarks, the hotels at Wuhan's central business district are a welcome treat.

Wanton noodles, sweet and sour pork and the city's signature dumplings are what tourists rave about when they first land in Wuhan. Local cuisine in Wuhan includes extremely spicy food and popular breakfast snacks such as hot dry noodles with sesame paste and shallots. Street food options are available close to Wuhan University and for those who want to try out the finest Doupi, the restaurants on Zhongshan Street are sure to satisfy them. Hubu Lane is a 150-meter long stretch and is lined up with many street food stalls. Tourists also visit the Qiaokou Road and JiQuing Street for cheap breakfast snacks and delicious Chinese barbecue treats. Internation dining options are also available in the city alongside many coffee houses and cafes like Costa Coffee and Starbucks.

Tip: Look for backpacker hostels in the city if you're on a tight budget or simply stopping by.

Things To See and Do in Wuhan

The easiest way to get around Wuhan is by taking the metro lines. Shuttle buses depart directly from the airport and taxis operate throughout the region. English is the most spoken language and tourists who can read and speak Chinese find the bus service to be very convenient and cheap. Street food stalls are friendly on the pocket and Wuhan has gaming arcades inside shopping malls for those who want to sign up for a fun time with friends.

Wuhan is home to several attractions and some of the best things to do when visiting the city are as follows.

1. Take A Hike Up The Yellow Crane Tower

Built-in 1981, the Yellow Crane Tower is a traditional Chinese structure that stands at the edge of the Yangtze River. An engineering wonder, the tower is one of the highlights of Wuhan and provides mesmerizing views of the city from the top.

2. Visit the Art Zone in Tanhualin Art Village

Contemporary art galleries and raw creative energy are abundant in the Tanhualin Art Village. It's a popular neighborhood where tourists can find stunning artworks, paintings, and sketches put up for sale. A visit here will inspire creative minds and leave one with memories and artwork from the past.

3. Walk Down the Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street

Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street oozes of sophistication and modernism. A walk down the lane offers tourists a glimpse into Wuhan's lavish side. Many Chinese luxury companies and gourmet restaurants are found here. Branded products from NIKE, Adidas, and Gap are put up for sale and there is no dearth of bars and fast food stalls either.

4. Explore the Flower Gardens At Moshan Hill

Moshan Hill is a huge park popular for its flower gardens and ancient monuments. Tourists go here to hike and take in the natural scenery. The fresh air and Japanese-style Sakura garden with the scent of plum blossoms make this a must-visit spot.

Tip: Don't forget to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in the city if you're visiting Wuhan in March.

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