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Strict Entry Requirements
Only citizens, residents, or those with special circumstances are permitted to enter

Updated on 18:04,mar 23,2022 UTC+8

Flights to Shenyang

China is a unique combination of ancient history and modern technology and Shenyang is no different. If you are planning a visit to this largest city in Northeast China, you can expect many historical places including the UNESCO listed Imperial palace and museums that have an excellent collection of Qing Dynasty artifacts along with collections from around the world. Also, shopping here will never be boring with the many dazzling street shopping as well as the sprawling malls. 

Tip:  The capital city of Liaoning is also very popular as a winter sports hub. If you happen to visit the city during the winter season, you can visit the massive slopes of Northeast Asia Ski Resort

 Flying to Shenyang

The city of Shenyang is served by Shenyang Taoxian International Airport (SHE) and can be reached from all over the country. Many airlines run flights to Shenyang from different parts of the world. Airlines like United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Lufthansa, Air France, Air Canada, and KLM run Direct flights to Shenyang from major cities across different continents. In addition to this, there are airlines like Scoot and AirAsia that run Cheap flights to Shenyang from various cities across the Asian continent. 

Tip: The Shenyang Taoxian International Airport lies 20 kilometers to the south of the city center. Typically, an airport shuttle will take about an hour to reach the city center. 

Places to see and explore in Shenyang

Shenyang is all about its many palaces of historical significance, shopping and scenic locations around the city. If you want to explore the city in leisure and cover the many places the city has to offer, you may have to spend at least 3 days in the city to visit just the major attractions. The city has so many world-famous sites and attractions, that visiting selective places and covering them thoroughly is the best alternative. 

Shenyang Imperial Palace

The city is home to many historical places and museums and the star among them all is the Shenyang Imperial Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage Center has its roots dated to the Qing Dynasty of the 17th century. Gorgeous carvings, golden decorations, and its elegant architecture resemble Beijing's Forbidden City. The Mukden Imperial Palace, as it is locally known has over 10,000 relics that are housed around 100 buildings. The palace sprawls an area of 60,000 sq mts and will take up a whole day to cover the major areas of the palace. 

Beiling Park

This biggest park in the city has many attractions and a vast area of 3,300,000 sq mts. The Fang Cheng cemetery and Wen Queen Bor Jinan Jeetermausoleum are a must-visit for history buffs. You can also cover a variety of sporting activities like horse-riding, skating, sledding and even kite flying in the Beiling Park. The Zhao Mausoleum here is the final resting place of the second Qing Emperor and the approach to this mausoleum is laid with a row of mythical animal statues, pine trees as well as many portraits.

Shenyang's Botanical Garden

Another must-visit place of the city is the Shenyang's Botanical Garden. This most peaceful place in the town offers pure tranquillity and close quarters with nature. The gardens have over 1700 species of plants on display and cover 467 acres of land. The gardens are curated in ancient Chinese style and have lakes, waterfalls, and bridges that are a treat to the eyes. The gardens are perfect for photo ops. Another attraction here that is also a feast to the eyes for nature lovers is the International Horticultural Expo Garden. 

Qipanshan Scenic Area

This scenic area is a must-visit for all nature lovers. But that’s not all, the area also is the best place to visit with family for the fun-filled adventures here. If you visit the area during summers, you can have a great time hiking the mountain slopes. The whole Qipanshan reservoir area gets more lively during the winter when the mountains are capped with snow and people gather for recreational sports during the Shenyang's world-famous International Ice and Snow Festival. You can experience skiing, ice skating on the frozen reservoir, and ice sculptors too. 


The city is also home to many excellent museums that speak volumes of ancient Chinese history. The Historical Museum that has imprints of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the Liaoning Provincial Museum continue to entertain the history lovers. 

Apart from these major attractions of the city, you can also visit Taiqing Palace, Wuli River Park, Royal Ocean World, Zhongshan Park and the many shopping malls of the city for a wonderful time here. 

Tip: Do take time and visit the Middle Street-pedestrian Mall, one of the earliest commercial streets of the Northeastern region and dates back to over 350 years. 

Places to eat, shop and stay in the city

Enjoy gourmet food around all the major areas of the city. Some of the must-try dishes here are the delicious dumplings, delectable cakes, and even chicken dishes. Also, try the local Baiju Wine while you are here. You can find fine dining restaurants as well as small eateries around all the major attractions of the city. 

The Wuai Market, Shenyang Middle Street-Pedestrian Mall, Joy City Shopping Mall are some of the most popular shopping areas of the city and offer a variety of goods including the local produce. 

Taiyuan Jie, Zhong Jie, and Jinling Shangquan are the popular areas of accommodation in the city and are located in close proximity to business centers as well as some of the major attractions.   

Tip: Do try the local dishes while you are here. Also, there are accommodations to suit all budgets but we recommend the Taiyuan Jie area as it is located in the prime shopping area and also has fine dining restaurants along with excellent souvenir bargains. 

If you are planning to visit the city, we can help you plan your perfect trip to Shenyang. We offer many guides for your convenience and our website can help you right from picking the right hotel to flight tickets. You can also book skip the line tickets if you are planning to take any local tour in the city. Visit our website to book services to more than 5000 travel destinations across the world and experience any city like Shenyang just like the locals. 

Perguntas frequentes sobre voos para Shenyang

  • Quais são as recomendações de viagem para Shenyang durante a pandemia da COVID19?

    Restrições de entrada e alterações e cancelamentos de horários de voos são freqüentemente atualizados e sujeitos a alterações. Se você planeja viajar para Shenyang, obtenha as informações mais atualizadas da companhia aérea com a qual você planeja fazer a reserva. Você também pode consultar COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions para mais informações.
  • Quais companhias aéreas oferecem alterações de datas, sem custo, para voos para esta cidade durante a pandemia da COVID19?

    Não há companhias aéreas com voos para esta cidade que forneçam este serviço. Utilize estas informações apenas como referência e confirme com a companhia aérea antes de fazer a reserva.
  • Qual é a duração do voo até Shenyang?

    • Aprox. 3 horas 35 minutos para voar de Cantão a Shenyang.
  • Como posso reservar passagens mais baratas?

    Você pode reservar voos mais baratos das seguintes maneiras:
    • Procure por bilhetes para uma cidade ou aeroporto próximos a Shenyang.
    • Localize diferentes companhias aéreas que tenham voos para Shenyang.
    • Procure datas de partida diferentes no mesmo mês.
    • Filtre por diferentes horários de partida no mesmo dia.
    • Verifique informações sobre descontos em vários sites de mídia social.
    • Explore ofertas e descontos em sites de companhias aéreas.
  • Qual é o mês mais popular para visitar Shenyang?

    Compreender as estações de viagem de alta e baixa temporada a Shenyang pode ajudá-lo a organizar seus planos de viagem de acordo. O mês mais popular para visitar Shenyang é março. O preço médio das passagens aéreas para Shenyang em março é de R$ 700.
  • Quando as passagens aéreas para Shenyang são mais baratas?

    As passagens aéreas para Shenyang são as mais baratas em março comparadas a outros meses, o preço médio é de R$ 700.
  • What are some popular attractions in Shenyang?

    Shenyang has many attractions to offer: Dongbeizhuangxiu Museum (1km from downtown) 513, No.15-1 Medicine King Temple Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province (1km from downtown) (3km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.