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Flights to Delhi

Do you want to experience the true flavor of India? Do you want to taste the spices of life, roam around the roads that have stories to tell and imbibe the vibes of the true blend of historical magnificence with a modern approach? Then Delhi, (also known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi, NCT) should be on top of your travel priority list. The capital of India- New Delhi- is a part of NCT stretching over the massive metropolitan areas. You will find famous monuments and architecture, which denotes the historical significance and the rich heritage of the city. If you closely observe, it not only showcases a traditional outlook, but it also depicts the inhabitants leading an extremely fast-paced modern life, full of life and vigor! You will certainly find the majority of people speaking the official language, Hindi. It is also noteworthy that travel guides, shopkeepers, and taxi drivers can converse well in English. Also, many young people tend to communicate in English more often. Now, let us explore some of the prominent details that will eventually help you plan a visit to Delhi.

Tip: It is advisable to research a little about Delhi well in advance so that it does not get overwhelming.

Getting to Delhi

Delhi International Airport also called, Indira Gandhi International Airport, is one of the modern, well-recognized airports in the world, having connections with more than 135 destinations, managing 52 foreign and 11 Indian carriers. The Airport address is Palam, 15 km south-west of the New Delhi railway station. Air India, British Airways, Jet Airways are some of the airlines that offer direct flights to New Delhi from the United Kingdom. United Airlines and Air India offer nonstop flights between USA and New Delhi. Alliance Air, Air Asia, and Vistara, IndiGo are some airlines that provide cheap flights to New Delhi. Therefore, one can choose any airline depending on one's preference and also on the availability of flights to New Delhi. The Delhi airport consists of 3 different units, among which Terminal 3 unit deals with international departures and arrivals, and this is where you land when arriving in India on an international flight. On arriving, be sure to keep the passport and documents ready to avoid any hitch in the exit process. Airport Express Metro is the fastest way to reach the city center (Cannaught palace), and it operates between 4:30 AM to 11:30 PM. Taxi is the most commonly preferred mode of transport from the Airport, especially is one travels with family and baggage.   Apart from these options, one can also ask the booked hotel to arrange a driver to pick them.

Tip: Download which doesn’t need internet, just the phone GPS will suffice, pre-download India's map and select your hotel's address before getting in a taxi.

Duration of flights to Delhi

The flight duration varies depending on the location, travel dates, and flight choices; for instance, usually, a non-stop flight time from London to New Delhi is around 8 hours 30 minutes, while the fastest one-stop flight to New Delhi takes close to 10 hours. The duration of the non-stop flight from New York to New Delhi is around 13 hours 55 minutes, and the fastest one-stop flight takes close to 17 hours.

Tip: Avoid booking dates that fall on weekends, as weekend rates are higher compared to weekdays.

Accommodation and Sight-seeing in New Delhi

New Delhi has a wide variety of accommodations that range from deluxe five-star luxury hotels, with first-class restaurants, swimming pools, Wi-Fi, gym et cetera, to the middle-range hotels, down to the tourist lodges which promise a comfortable stay. Most of the hotels accept bookings online, so you can browse through the different hotels available and choose the best one based on your budget and the hotel’s connectivity to the sight-seeing places.

Delhi is known for its magnificent architecture, which is a sight to behold. The number one in the list is the Taj Mahal, which has a place among the wonders of the world. Humayun's Tomb, Hauz Khas Village, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Jantar Mantar built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur, Rashtrapati Bhavan, a British empire monument, where the President of India resides, Cannaught Place, Jama Masjid, Lodhi Garden Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, Cathedral Church of redemption are some of the tourist places. Never miss any opportunity to take photographs with your family, unless the law prohibits, capturing memories as you travel. 

Tip: Book hotel in advance, and dress appropriately. 

Dining and shopping areas in New Delhi

Delhi is the go-to place to treat your palate with a variety of delicious mouth-watering dishes. You can try different cuisines like Mughalai, Chinese, American, Italian, the list goes on. You will find the best fine dining restaurants present in CP, Hauz Khas, GK, Old Delhi, and North Delhi. It is famous for its finger-licking street food which is a must-try, namely gol gappas, chaat, paranthas, kebabs, chole bhature, matar kulcha, kulfi, jalebi, kachori sabji, momos, desi burger, soya chaap et cetera, and they are located in areas like Old Delhi, Lajpat Nagar, and North Campus area.   Delhi is an ultimate shopper's paradise where you can shop to your heart's content. You can shop at Dilli Haat, which is a famous open-air market for traditional handicrafts, artifacts, jewelry, tote bags and more. You can go to Khan market, a typical street market, with an array of boutiques, cosmetics, garments, and street vendors. If you want to shop for leatherwork, footwear, and clothes, you should try Janpath market. Your next stop should be Chandni Chowk, which has an endless stream of shops, each specializing in certain kinds of products like fabrics, electronics, et cetera. Other shopping areas worth mentioning are Lajpat Nagar, Cannaught Place, Karolbagh Market, Paharkanj Bazaar, and Khan Market. Explore these shopping hubs to buy inexpensive traditional clothes, footwear, jewelry, and other indigenous items as souvenirs without draining your wallets.

Tip: Do not hesitate to bargain or negotiate and be safe from scams.


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