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Entry into Coreia do Sul
Moderate Entry Requirements
Tourists are permitted to enter, but quarantine is likely required
Moderate Entry Requirements
Tourists are permitted to enter, but quarantine is likely required

Updated on 12:41,mar 31,2022 UTC+8

Você quis dizer Voos Busan Shanghai?

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Shanghai (SHA) - Busan (PUS)

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Informações sobre voos de Shanghai para Busan

Menor preço de voo direto

R$ 2.163
Xangai(PVG) ⇒ Busan(PUS)

Baixa temporada para viagens

R$ 14.916

Alta temporada para viagens

R$ 3.659

Perguntas frequentes

  • Quando as passagens aéreas de Xangai (SHA) a Busan (PUS) são mais baratas?

    As companhias aéreas ajustam os preços dos voos de Xangai a Busan com base na data e hora de sua reserva. Através da análise dos dados de todas as companhias aéreas, os menores preços de voo podem ser reservados no às terças, quartas e sábados.
  • Quanto custam os voos de Xangai (SHA) a Busan (PUS)?

    De acordo com os dados do, o menor preço está em torno de R$ 3.630.
  • Quanto tempo dura o voo de Xangai (SHA) a Busan (PUS)?

    Leva cerca de 1 hora 50 minutos para voar de Xangai (SHA) a Busan (PUS).
  • Quais são as recomendações de viagem para Busan durante a pandemia da COVID19?

    Restrições de entrada e alterações e cancelamentos de horários de voos são freqüentemente atualizados e sujeitos a alterações. Se você planeja viajar para Busan, obtenha as informações mais atualizadas da companhia aérea com a qual você planeja fazer a reserva. Você também pode consultar COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions para mais informações.
  • Quais companhias aéreas oferecem alterações de datas, sem custo, para voos para esta cidade durante a pandemia da COVID19?

    Não há companhias aéreas com voos para esta cidade que forneçam este serviço. Utilize estas informações apenas como referência e confirme com a companhia aérea antes de fazer a reserva.
Flight from Shanghai (SHA) to Busan (PUS)

Formerly known as Pusan, Busan, is the second-most populous city in South Korea. This port city has Korea's busiest ports and the fifth busiest in the world. Busan is the cultural, economical and educational center of the southeastern part of South Korea. The city is a major tourist destination and receives millions of tourists every year. Tourists often come to this region for hiking, trekking and to visit the Buddhist Temples located deep amidst the mountains. One of the most famous temples, The Beomeosa Temple, founded in 678 AD, is always filled with tourists and worshipers.

Tip: Busan is visited by thousands of visitors daily, so it is advisable to book your flight 2 to 3 months before the travel date to avoid price surge.

Getting There

Gimhae International Airport (PUS), opened in 1976, is situated on the western end of Busan, South Korea and serves as the main airport for the city. There are many direct flights to Busan from Shanghai with almost 25 operating weekly. You can book with one of the airlines providing nonstop service for Shanghai to Busan flights. The usual duration of direct flights from Shanghai to Busan takes around 12-20 hours. The Cathay Dragon, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, China Airlines, and Air Macau are popular airlines on this route.

Tip: There are many convenient ways to get to Busan center from Gimhae Airport, like subway, train, bus, taxi, car or town car.

Things to see

Busan, surrounded by mountains and beset by the sea, is Korea's second-largest city.  Home to many majestic mountains, steaming hot springs, glistening beaches, and fantastic seafood. It is a must-visit city for travelers making their way through South Korea to explore the dynamic beauty of this city and its rich culture and history. For art lovers, Busan offers several historical buildings and museums. One should visit Gamcheon Culture Village, which has thousands of paintings, artworks, and graffiti scattered around and decorates this village. Visit the Haedong Yonggung Temple built during the Goryeo Dynasty and situated along the coast in Busan. Spend a relaxing day at the famous Haeundae Beach, an ideal destination for a sun-soaked day. This promises to be an exceptional experience combined with world-class luxury and untouched nature. 

Walking along the Haeundae beach leads to Dongbaekseom Island. This splendid peninsula, located between the coast and Gwangalli Beach, provides spectacular views. Some of the other places to visit are Jagalchi Market, Taejongdae, Gwangalli Beach, Yongdusan Park, Gwangan Bridge, and Busan Tower.

Tip: The Sea Life Busan Aquarium is a must-visit place, is located around the corner of Haeundae Beach. It offers a massive collection of sea creatures with more than 250 species of aquatic life.

Where to dine, shop and stay

Busan is known for the best seafood dishes and local cuisine, you will get the best of South Korean food here. Jagalchi Market has the trendiest restaurants and cafés by the street as well as luxury buffets and restaurants if budget is not a constraint. 

If you are looking for cheap restaurants or street food, go to the Gukje Market area. 

BIFF Square Street is the area to enjoy the nightlife as it is a hub for bars and pubs as well. You can try out some local delicacies like Dwaeji Gukbap (Pork Soup), Chimaek (Chicken and Beer), Ssiat Hotteok (Seed Pancakes), Eomuk (Fish Cake).

For budget hotels, the best areas to search for accommodation are Jagalchi Market Street. It has many guest houses, hostels, and hotels in an affordable range. 

For high-end and luxury hotels go for hotels and resorts in Yeongdo Island, Haeundae-gu, Nampo-dong, and Gwangbok-dong area. One can also experience the Buddhist culture and tradition at Beomeosa Temple Stay, which is a popular staying option.

You can buy all kinds of items in Busan from local products to a luxury international brand at BIFF Square and Lotte Duty-Free Shop. 

You can buy one of Korea's most popular street snacks, fish cakes, or Nepomuk, traditional ceramic tableware, Raspberry wine, and artifacts from the local markets like Gukje Market, BIFF Square, and Jagalchi Market

Tip: Busanjin Market, an indoor shopping mall has hundreds of small shops selling souvenirs clothes, and textiles, at affordable prices. Here you can shop or try for ready-made hanbok (traditional Korean costume).

Shanghai to Busan booking can be done through conveniently. You can be assured of a variety of options for an economical and memorable holiday in Busan including best deals and cheap flights from Shanghai.

  • Viagem de Shanghai para Busan

    Busan atrai milhares de visitantes a negócios e a lazer todo ano. Planejar uma viagem de Shanghai para Busan é fácil quando você usa o para ajudá-lo a preparar sua viagem. Com o, você pode procurar voos e quartos de hotel disponíveis e fazer sua reserva on-line com rapidez e facilidade.

  • Uma viagem inesquecível

    Faça da sua jornada de Shanghai uma viagem inesquecível ao usar o para revisar as atrações da cidade antes da sua chegada. Vendo o que está disponível no seu destino, você pode fazer as reservas necessárias com antecedência para ter a melhor experiência de viagem possível.