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Voos baratos de Guangzhou para Taipei

Informações sobre voos de Guangzhou para Taipei

Baixa temporada para viagens

R$ 803

Alta temporada para viagens

R$ 897

Menor preço da passagem de ida e volta

R$ 2.754
Cantão(CAN) ⇒ Taipei(TPE)

Menor preço de voo direto

R$ 1.841
Cantão(CAN) ⇒ Taipei(TPE)

Voos baratos de Guangzhou para Taipei

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Os preços mostrados referem-se a uma passagem de adulto, incluindo impostos e taxas.(As ticket fares can change frequently, these advertised prices are for reference only. The actual prices will be shown at time of booking.)

Perguntas frequentes

  • Quando as passagens aéreas de Cantão (CAN) a Taipei (TPE) são mais baratas?

    As companhias aéreas ajustam os preços dos voos de Cantão a Taipei com base na data e hora de sua reserva. Através da análise dos dados de todas as companhias aéreas, os menores preços de voo podem ser reservados no às terças, quartas e sábados.
  • Quanto custam os voos de Cantão (CAN) a Taipei (TPE)?

    De acordo com os dados do, o menor preço está em torno de R$ 1.741.
  • Quanto tempo dura o voo de Cantão (CAN) a Taipei (TPE)?

    Leva cerca de 2 horas 6 minutos para voar de Cantão (CAN) a Taipei (TPE).
  • Quais são as companhias aéreas mais conhecidas que voam de Cantão (CAN) a Taipei (TPE)?

    Companhias aéreas com voos de Cantão (CAN) a Taipei (TPE): EVA Air.
  • Quais são as recomendações de viagem para Taipei durante a pandemia da COVID19?

    Restrições de entrada e alterações e cancelamentos de horários de voos são freqüentemente atualizados e sujeitos a alterações. Se você planeja viajar para Taipei, obtenha as informações mais atualizadas da companhia aérea com a qual você planeja fazer a reserva. Você também pode consultar COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions para mais informações.
  • Quais companhias aéreas oferecem alterações de datas, sem custo, para voos para esta cidade durante a pandemia da COVID19?

    Não há companhias aéreas com voos para esta cidade que forneçam este serviço. Utilize estas informações apenas como referência e confirme com a companhia aérea antes de fazer a reserva.

Programação de voo de Guangzhou para Taipei

Informações do voo
RotaProgramação semanal
China Airlines





Guangzhou para TaipeiS------Buscar
China Southern Airlines





Guangzhou para TaipeiSM----SBuscar





Guangzhou para Taipei----T--Buscar
China Airlines





Guangzhou para TaipeiSM----SBuscar
Hainan Airlines





Guangzhou para Taipei--T-T-SBuscar
China Airlines





Guangzhou para TaipeiSM-WTF-Buscar
Flight from Guangzhou (CAN) to Taipei (TPE)

Planning to visit Taipei - the capital of Taiwan. Then be prepared to get amazed by its vibrant history and rich culture. It is filled with high shining skyscrapers, old temples, great food, busy shopping streets, and bustling night markets. From one of the tallest towers in the world to a globally renowned zoo, this city has something to offer to everyone. The city is the main cultural, political and economic center of Taiwan and is renowned for its major industrial area. The city is known for its lively nightlife and prosperous tourism.

Tip: The best time to travel is from March to May and September to November.

Flying to Taipei 

The two airports in Taipei are Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan Airport and Taipei Sung Shan Airport. Approximately there are 19 flights per week from Guangzhou to Taipei with an average Guangzhou to Taipei flight time of 2 hours 5 minutes.

There are three direct flights to Taipei and Hainan Airlines provides 100% of the non-stop between Guangzhou to Taipei flights.

Various airlines from Guangzhou to Taipei are China Airlines, Eva Air, Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

As per data collected, the best days for Guangzhou - Taipei flight booking are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Tip: The cheapest month to fly to Taipei in April.

Tourist Attractions and Accommodation

Some of the beautiful attractions in Taipei include Taipei 101, which is among the world’s tallest towers and the biggest green building in the world. Taipei Zoo - the best place to visit with kids. Shilin Night Market, Longshan Temple, Danshui River Mangrove Nature Reserve, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, The Grand Hotel, Museums, Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival, Miniatures Museum of Taiwan, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Elephant Mountain to name a few.

The cost of accommodation is on the higher side, and the best option would be a cheap Taiwanese hotel. Other options are Zhongzheng is best for first-time tourists, Xinyi to enjoy the nightlife, Wanhua for the urban explorer, Datong to stay on a budget and Zhongshan - the best neighborhood in Taipei for families.

Tip: Taipei experiences typhoons followed by flooding, so it is advisable to stay indoors when a typhoon hits the city. The risk of earthquakes hovers throughout the year.

Food and Shopping

Taipei food is world-famous and available abundantly. It is known as a food lovers’ paradise. You get anything from the freshest seafood to the most delicious street food, snacks, and hot foods. There is something for everybody when it comes to Taiwanese cuisine. Shopping is not cheap, but coral, pearl, jade, and international designer products and luxury watches are up to 20% less expensive due to lower taxes.

Shilin Night Market is famous for local goods and international brands at discount prices. Stores in Ximending pull a younger crowd with high street brand names and cute accessories. Ximending is an excellent place to pick some fun souvenirs and gifts. Zhongxiao East Road attracts a fashionable young crowd. Songshan is famous for wholesale clothing. Yonghe district’s Fuhe Bridge offers second-hand goods.

Tip: While shopping, it is common to haggle over prices, and you usually get an item at around three-quarters of the asking price.

Commute Options and Language/Culture

You can easily take high-speed rails, metro, city buses, taxis or bikes to travel around the city as
 Taipei is well-linked with all the major and minor parts of the island.

Chinese Mandarin language is spoken in Taipei, and people of Taipei follow the popular Chinese religion, which is a mix of Buddhist practices, ancestral worship, Taoist thinking and rituals, Confucian traditions as well as other diverse popular beliefs.

Tip: The city offers free access to Wi-Fi to everyone, which is truly a lifesaver for people who want to avoid buying a local SIM card or phone to remain connected.

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    Faça da sua jornada de Guangzhou uma viagem inesquecível ao usar o para revisar as atrações da cidade antes da sua chegada. Vendo o que está disponível no seu destino, você pode fazer as reservas necessárias com antecedência para ter a melhor experiência de viagem possível.